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Why The Menu Expert?
- expertise
Enjoy peace of mind while we breathe design into your brand and bring your dining concepts to life. We have the best team of various expertise to take your menus to fruition, while you focus on what you do best and leave the rest to us. From appreciating what your brand and dining concept need, as well as how the design solutions work hand in hand with your day to day operations (for example, ease of updating the menus, durability, storage, to name a few), rest assured that your project is in safe hands as we don't call ourselves experts for no reason.

- experience
We have the privilege to work with some of the big hospitality brands and continuously enjoy the trust of many good clients. Over the years, the experience amassed means we get to respond fast as we know exactly what to advice and do, plus you can rely on our network of resources, whether it is to source for the most unique material to complement your brand, or linking up with the best craftsmen for handwork.

- quality
We insist on quality that we would use ourselves, nothing less. Every budget has a solution, though something's got to give at times. We will give our best recommendations for your choice.

- committed turnaround time
You can be sure that when we say when, we deliver. We hardly fail a timeline, especially we know how crucial having the menus ready on time are for your new dining establishment, or just to replace a low stock.

- good taste
We understand that this maybe somewhat subjective but we believe we are humbly blessed with the gift of good taste. An eye for detail; an innate sense of design; an ability to inject a final touch that would make a difference.

The Menu Expert is a brainchild of Concept Lab Communications Pte Ltd – a Singapore-based design agency with more than a decade of industry experience.